{My Life} Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

my lifeMay 05 2016Comments Off on {My Life} Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2016

This year, mother's day snuck up on me! But I have put together some ideas to ask for or gift or just treat yourself.

1. Love these posts I've seen from Farm Girl Flowers.. seriously the prettiest bouquets EVER. Peonies are my favorite and the pairings with other stems look fab.

2. I found these rings (pictured) by ivoryMR on Instagram that can be customized. Gray bought them for me as a push present and I got each kid's name in gold coating. Unfortunately I measured my ring finger on my left hand and the right hand is not the same size haha. So, hopefully they will fit once I lose the baby weight.. but until then, they look pretty on my dresser hahah. Note: if you have to guess your size, guess bigger so it has more chances of fitting on a different finger.

3. Love these shirts (pictured) by the Bee and the Fox. You can get the ever-so-trending "mama bird" or buy a matching shirt for your baby bird. They were sold out of the newborn size and they run small. I think this one was a 3-6m tee. I got a medium and it fits snug.. I wish I would have read the disclaimer about wanting a loose fit. Also, if you are into matching your babe, love this matching set of beanie and headband by NOXXaz

4. You can never go wrong with a coffee mug.. maybe even pair it with a journal or a gift card (starbucks, anthropologie, free people, or a favorite restaurant). This mug is currently in my etsy cart.

5. A photoshoot for mom with her kids... I know a great photographer if you need one 😉

6. A day off.. make her breakfast in bed, send her out with her friends, give her the day off of "mom duties." Maybe even a spa day or mani/pedi and a magazine OR have the kids pitch in to clean the house while she's gone = extra brownie points.

7. Brunch at Amelie's... they have a special event on mother's day for moms. You have to sign up prior to the event. But how good would that be?! Amelies brunch with coffee and desserts. This is the one on 51.. not in NoDa. I can't find the info online, but you can probably call for more info.

8. Investigate her recent pins on pinterest, amazon wish list, or ask her friends. Get something SHE wants and has asked for, without spoiling a surprise. There's nothing more romantic than a man that studies his baby mama and shows that he listens (...even with a little help).

9. New mamas that are interested in getting back in shape.. might want a fitbit or some special gym classes. I love Iron Butterfly Pilates and Flywheel cycle classes. Make sure it is something SHE has asked for and not something you are insinuating 😉

10. A new coffee maker. I just got a mini keurig for my bathroom for my birthday and seriously, every mama needs one. I got the international delight non-dairy creamer and I brew a single cup that I can drink while putting on my makeup. It makes me a lot more cheerful when I go get the girls up. Totally recommend. Also love the Ninja Coffee Maker for some specialty drinks.

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