{My Life} Our House | Maclaren’s Room

{My Life} Our House | Maclaren’s Room

Sep 07 2015Comments Off on {My Life} Our House | Maclaren’s Room

You can't move into a new home and keep the decorating the same. There are new walls with more/less windows, there are nooks taken out and new ones put in, there are more/less doors, and more/less square footage. It just doesn't ever look the exact same as it did in your old house. For me, it takes a while for me to narrow down my vision for a room. I haven't quite gotten this room to where I feel like "YES, This is IT!" but I wanted to post a before/ after (or more like- in progress) of Maclaren's nursery. I am hoping to have the "gold" wall painted (either grey beige like the other 3 walls, or maybe a darker color like my office , and I want to add a pouf in front of the rocker. I also might re-work the wall college. I have a couple new pieces and a couple ones I've grown tired of.

Some tips:

  • If it doesn't work, change it
  • Save and splurge on pieces that you have been searching forever to find
  • If you don't like it, send it back… I ordered maybe 3 rugs before I finally fell in love with this one
  • Spend the money on pieces that are versatile (maybe they can be used in your child's room for a while, maybe handed down to the next child, or maybe even fits a different room down the road)
  • plan it out.. I use pinterest and Polyvore.. I love that app for seeing/ visualizing what a room will look like before I buy the items (see last image)



Palette Black and White Geometric Rug- PureHome | Empire Rocker | Chandelier | Deer Head- Near & Deer | Curtains- Crate & Barrel | Tee Pee- Land of Nod  

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