Newborn | Harlee Maddox

Newborn | Harlee Maddox

Sep 09 201610 Comments

Amree and Brett are new parents to a sweet baby boy, Harlee Maddox. She cuts my hair at Planet21 and is SO great at what she does. When she asked me to do her newborn photos, I was thrilled. She is obviously stunning, and their new family of three were picture perfect. Their gorgeous home set the stage for our session. And that dreamy light! The nursery was styled with an antler style chandelier , cow hide rug, and DIY wooden accent wall done by Brett. There were gray, beige, and dark brown accents that complimented the minimal and rustic decor. My favorite part of the session, was when I looked down and saw the couple holding hands while cuddled on the bed. It is so sweet to see small sweet gestures that weren't "posed." So presh!

I'm always recommending products and accessories to new parents, so i've blogged some of my favorites. You can view them here. Enjoy!

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