Meet Romy | Fresh 48

Meet Romy | Fresh 48

May 26 2017Comments Off on Meet Romy | Fresh 48

I ventured up to the maternity ward at CMC after I received the call that little Romy was born. During the first 48hrs, things are typically a blur, so I wanted to offer families a way to remember this blur. It is so sweet seeing the sisters meet for the first time. It seems like yesterday that I was just photographing big sis Olivia's newborn photos! This family is so precious to me and I've had the pleasure of capturing so many milestones as their family grows. The first 48hrs are when all the emotions of love are exploding.. she's here. THIS is what she looks like.. THIS is what she feels like.. THIS is what loving another child as much as you love the first child feels like. You ARE capable of being a mother to two. You are given the treasure of two beautiful healthy children. I love that THIS is their story. And you have one too. My hope is for my clients to go back a year from now, and go straight to this beautiful time in life through these photos and videos.

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