{My Life} Meet Lennox Gray | Newborn

{My Life} Meet Lennox Gray | Newborn

Apr 10 2016Comments Off on {My Life} Meet Lennox Gray | Newborn

My littlest love, Lennox Gray Porter arrived March 17th, 2016. I had so much anxiety leading up to his arrival, just not comprehending how God could be so good to me. I already had two easy pregnancies and deliveries and 2 healthy babies, that I thought for sure something would go wrong. This was my first boy, and I just couldn't picture being a "boy mom." I questioned myself, I questioned God's goodness, I questioned if I was even capable of raising THREE kids. This was another amazing, monumental moment in my life that God showed up. He saw me through just like He told me over and over again. We sing a song a church that I claimed as my "Lennox song." "He'll see me through like before, He is Lord, He is Lord. I'm not afraid anymore, He is Lord, He is Lord." I had to remind myself that God wants the best for me. He is a good God. Even when I could not see, He told me to have faith. And even if things had gone completely out of my label of "good," He would see me through. He would still be a good God and still work ALL things together for good. I had to trust that. The moment they put Lennox on my chest and I heard that sweet baby cry, I melted into a puddle of tears. It was perfect. I loved him more than I ever thought possible. I'm pretty obsessed with this little boy. I'm claiming the fact that God chose me to be these littles' mommy, even when I don't feel capable. He knows I can do it, and you can too!

These were taken at the hospital during the first 48 hours. IMG_8679_stomp IMG_8682_stomp IMG_8675_stomp IMG_8661_stomp IMG_8657_stomp IMG_8694_stomp IMG_8697_stomp

These were taken about 4 days old at home in his Nursery. {Nursery Details Below}
IMG_8707_stomp IMG_8704_stomp IMG_8721_stomp IMG_8714_stomp IMG_8741_stomp IMG_8789_stomp

Swaddle: Land of Nod | Crib Sheet: IvieBaby | Pillows, Rocker, Side Table, Floor Lamp: Target | Dresser: West Elm | Blocks: Little Sapling Toys | Wall Prints: Water in my Paint

*More Nursery Pics Coming Soon