{My Life} Meet Maclaren Rose Porter

{My Life} Meet Maclaren Rose Porter

Nov 17 2013Comments Off on {My Life} Meet Maclaren Rose Porter

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First Week Faves:

-boppy (for nursing)

- boppy newborn lounger (for lounging)

- burp cloths

- pads (might want to buy some so you don't have to send the husband out haha)

-nursing pads

-nursing tank


-newborn socks

-swaddle blankets

-lots of diapers and wipes

-bows/ accessories for pics

-cute onesies with snaps for easy changing

-portable heater for cozy changing and baths during these cold months

-paci and paci clip

-butt paste

-thank you cards

I used these 2 products last time and saw results.. this time I couldn't wait to put them on post pregnancy:

-shrinxx hips

- belly bandit