Newborn | Ella Jane

Newborn | Ella Jane

Sep 26 201610 Comments

Alexa and Mike welcomed Ella Jane into the world a tad bit earlier than her due date, on her daddy's birthday! What a surprise gift! She was simply adorable. These photos are full of sentimental details. From her namesake to the rings that were left behind by her grandparents. Their dog, Porter, made it in some of the photos and slideshow video and he passed away a couple days later. Photos are important. They can spark so many memories and so many conversations when viewed in the future. One day Ella Jane will look back at these and see 2 parents who adored her, wanted to snuggle her, and stare in amazement. She'll get to hear stories of their dog that lived to meet her and the stories passed on about her grandparents.  Congrats Alexa and Mike!

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