Newborn | Meet Maxwell James

Newborn | Meet Maxwell James

Oct 10 20170 Comment

James and Savanna welcomed little Max into the world on September 22 post due date-- which means they were even more ready to meet him. I walked into their home and I immediately felt like I was "home." We were style twins. But for real, everything in her home was like all the heart eyes. Little Max has dark hair and he was super aware of what was going on. We started with lots of snuggling--- which was also the desire of their dog, Zoey. I mean, who can't resist a dog full of curly hair? Thank you so much for inviting me into your home, snuggling your baby boy, and photographing the beginning of parenthood. It looks good on y'all!  IMG_0264_stomp IMG_0237_stomp IMG_0270_stomp IMG_0228_stomp IMG_0281_stomp IMG_0291_BW_stomp IMG_0345_stomp IMG_0632_stomp IMG_0746_stomp IMG_0503_stomp IMG_0510_stomp IMG_0695_stomp IMG_0658_stomp IMG_0761_stomp IMG_0465_stomp IMG_0464_stomp IMG_0463_stomp IMG_0441_stomp IMG_0452_stomp IMG_0447_stomp IMG_0486_stomp IMG_0770_stomp IMG_0767_stomp IMG_0383_stomp IMG_0773_BW_stomp IMG_0529_stomp IMG_0715_stomp IMG_0562_stomp IMG_0579_stomp IMG_0374_stomp IMG_0707_stomp IMG_0418_stomp

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