Newborn | Meet Thomas

Newborn | Meet Thomas

May 16 2017Comments Off on Newborn | Meet Thomas


Lauren and Mark welcomed baby number 2, Thomas Mark on April 28, 2017. Emma was so excited to be a big sister and she was a big help when I was over. She showed me around the house and all of baby Thomas' things. She was right by my side the whole shoot and bribed with her iPad in between haha. She was very gentle and loved showing her baby "brudder" off. The nursery was decorated with these fabulous blue buffalo plaid curtains and sweet framed animal prints. Emma wanted to make sure I saw the doggies on the crib mattress, too. You guys are SO blessed and are doing great as parents! Thanks for inviting me into all the craziness even with post-hospital healing and little sleep. I hope you will cherish these photos forever.

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