{You+Me} Nancy + Dillon | Homegrown Garden Engagement

{You+Me} Nancy + Dillon | Homegrown Garden Engagement

Jul 08 201410 Comments

Dillon proposed to Nancy in front of all his friends during their annual trip. They are super cute and love taking care of their garden. They invited me out to their home in Lincolnton and it was the perfect spot for a sweet engagement session. I was so impressed with their garden! I started growing my own this year and it is only a small fraction of the size of their's. They knew exactly where to place crops, when to plant them, and when they were ready to harvest. Some of their veggies were award-winning sizes! I loved watching them work together and see the fruits of their labor. They even sent me home with some! Thank y'all! Congrats Nancy and Dillon! Enjoy!

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