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Jun 04 2012Comments Off on BPosh Adoption

To be honest, I wasn't always that into babies. It wasn't until I HAD one that I got an over whelming passion for them. In my mind, abortion had never been an option, but my heart KNEW so after I had my little one in my arms. I know that there are countless women that feel like they can't be mothers for one reason or another, and I know there are countless women that want to be mothers but can't. Some of my closest friends that are AMAZING mothers are trying to give kids a permanent home. My mentor and friend, Kim Ward, was the first of many that shared her heart for international adoption. That was 4 years ago. She had spent another 5+ years before that praying that her husband would have a heart and desire to adopt too.

I will go into further detail in a future post, but with that said, God has been laying on my heart over and over again ideas of what I could do to help bring some babies home from Africa into the loving arms of the Ward family. 
So without further ado, I am starting a program to help out adopting families through BPosh photography.  There will be 2 parts.

The first: I will be hosting a mini session day in August, where families can come and get professional photos taken in a creative environment, with a percentage of your session going to a $1000 goal to help bring 2 babies home!

The Second: Any families that book a "Coming Home Session" that includes a photo session at the airport upon arrival to Charlotte, or any other "official" home coming for a normal session fee, 10% of it will go towards another adopting family.

I have always heard that we can either 1) Do, 2) Give, or 3) Pray. Will you take part? If you would like to schedule a mini family session, please email bposhphoto@me.com or stay tuned to the Facebook fan page for more info. If you know of anyone that may be interested PLEASE forward the info (there will be additional fliers and e-fliers with all the info. Or if you would like to give, but you do not currently need family photos, you may contribute to our goal of $1000. Any little bit helps!

Please start the BUZZ about this AMAZING opportunity!

**If you or someone you know is considering adoption, please email Brittany Porter at bposhphoto@me.com for more info on fundraising and coming home sessions!

Thank you in advance and I look forward to posting more info!