{Fathers Day 2015} Tribute to my 2015 Dads

{Fathers Day 2015} Tribute to my 2015 Dads

Jun 21 2015Comments Off on {Fathers Day 2015} Tribute to my 2015 Dads

Thankful for all my dad clients that may not WANT to be in photos but choose to do it for your wife. Thank you for being funny and for making her laugh. Thank you for looking separate ways and giving eskimo kisses. Thank you for being so sweet and gentle with your babies even when what I ask is completely uncomfortable and nerve-wracking. Thank you for being present. Thank you for doing all of these things to create a photo that your child(ren) can look back on and see a dad that loves them, kisses them, snuggles them, and cares for them. We were created with a soul that longs for our father's love and approval. I believe that photos can remind us of love. When trouble comes or when things are less than perfect, we can journey to a time and place where everything was right. Such a visual representation of our heavenly Father's love for us- unconditional, over-the-top, sacrificial and filled with grace. Thank you dads for letting me capture the essence of fatherhood.

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