{Just Because} Khala | Blogger from the Birdie Bowl

{Just Because} Khala | Blogger from the Birdie Bowl

May 21 20143 Comments

Hey y'all! Meet Khala-- the fabulous and stylish blogger from the Birdie Bowl. If you haven't checked it out already, she shares some adorable handmade things, some decor ideas, and other lovely things. We met at her family's session last year. This shoot, I really got to focus on her (and her dog, Charlie). She is a strong woman that radiates beauty. She had these awesome tattoos she wanted to capture- remembering her aunt that passed away (the feather) and she fought and defeated cancer (her mom and sisters handwriting).

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Clothing: Necessary Clothing

Coffee: Smelly Cat Coffee House

Location: NoDa

Props- Origami Bird & Chair: Photographer's

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