{My Life} 23 weeks

{My Life} 23 weeks

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23 weeks

size of a papaya

8in, 1.2lbs


Current likes: cilantro lime grilled chicken, feeling baby move, nursery organizing, and slimfast.

Current Dislikes: No settled baby name (we have our top 3 but we love them all!), weight gain, lower back pain, tiredness

17 weeks to go! Whew hew! Sweet things this week- Kins & hubby both felt the baby move! Kins gives my tummy kisses. Dr. appt went well and baby's heart beat was 156bpm. I got a sneak peek of an adorable nursery accessory that's being shipped soon from Hartstringz and a couple crochet headbands in gold and berry from  Around the Hook on Etsy.


Our plans were supposed to be that of cook outs, pool, and sun but the weather had different plans. We didn't want to be caught in a storm, so we decided to venture out to Ikea after breakfast and venture into some shopping. We had a couple things on our list-- wardrobe closet, toddler bed, and to look at cribs. We ended up with a new aztec rug, a toddler bed and a mattress (because apparently these "adjustable beds" don't fit crib mattresses- just a little fyi). It is also helpful to write down the number (which I did not and found ourselves very confused when looking for our products that were not in the bin or on the aisle). We did however manage to find a secret short line that cut out probably an hour of waiting time- phew!

We are somewhat redecorating Kinsley's room and gathering things for the nursery. I sold a night stand tonight, we  hubby assembled the toddler bed, we started moving stuff out of the nursery and packaging lots of clothes for goodwill. Spring cleaning on July 4th= pretty freeing ha! Oh, and I will be posting shots of before and afters!


Here are some pics of miss Kinsley eating some fresh cut watermelon!

IMG_5520_2_WEB IMG_5523_2_WEB IMG_5526_2_WEB IMG_5522_2_2_WEB