{My Life} 24 & 25 weeks

{My Life} 24 & 25 weeks

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24 weeks

size of an ear of corn

8.5in, 1.5lbs

Tip of the week.. don't eat cookies, pasta or anything heavy the day before you weigh yourself (or a dr. appt) ha!

I'm about over eating "healthy" when this scale keeps going up-- I think by third trimester I might just indulge the whole time haha. Just kidding. I have realized that what you eat can make you feel better or worse and make you tired or have energy and that's enough to not excuse eating healthy during pregnancy. And this time around I'm keeping up with a toddler and that is tiring enough!

Hobby Lobby already has out halloween and fall decor- it really hit me that our baby will be here by the next holiday! (besides labor day - is that even really a holiday?)

Loving: chick-fil-a fresh market salad, the feeling after exercising, tummy butter, nursery projects, and air condition

Dislikes: making food that takes too long-- by the time my oven heats and my cherry tomatoes are roasted I don't want them anymore; everything growing; tiredness; being fat in the summer

25 weeks

Size of an Eggplant

9.2in, 2lbs

We went to the beach on our annual Vaca with the Porter's. I didn't bring my laptop or any "work" but I did have a session with a cute couple the last night I was there. It was great to just relax, lay down, have coffee made when I awoke, and no real "plans." It was the perfect amount of time to make me look forward to coming back, cooking a meal, and editing some photos πŸ™‚

My motto for the summer (and anytime really) is "you always feel better with a tan". Being preg is no different. The sun just makes you happy and so does getting some color. Hubs and I got some good walking in during nap time and really made me want to start back up my gym membership. So Monday morning, Kins and I and baby eggplant hit up the gym, went grocery shopping, and made dinner for us and my mom.

Nursery is coming along AND we are getting closer to settling on a first and middle name! I'll have to save some things for my 26 week post though πŸ™‚

Likes: Β BEST maternity buy ever- simple v-neck shirt (pictured below) in the softest cotton from anthropologie. Never thought I'd pay that much for a t-shirt.. but SOOO worth it and don't judge me for wearing it ALL the time. Thankful my mother-in-law bought me another one in a different color πŸ™‚

IMG_6110_25wks_WEB IMG_6104_25wks_WEB