{My Life} 40 weeks

{My Life} 40 weeks

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40 weeks
Size of a PUMPKIN (imagine that coincidence being halloween! ha!)
19in-22in, 6-9lbs (Dr. thinks on the smaller side)
weight gain +32lbs

So I'm 40 weeks, 3 days and still no baby... go figure. I had an appt Thursday morning (right at 40 weeks) and I am still 2 cm (same as last week) and the baby is a little lower. We set an appt for next thursday for an induction. 1 week over due is the sweet spot for induction and minimal risks. I loved my experience last time, but I wish she would come on her own sooner than that 🙂 At least there's an end to this.

Random Things I think about:
- Could my water break in the shower or on the potty and I potentially have no idea?
- What does a contraction really feel like?
- What all do I need for newborn pics? What if this is my last baby girl? I need to get everything in order
- How do I go out and about with 2? I really have to think out a plan of action for getting a toddler and an infant into a cart... I plan on wearing baby Maclaren in a sling or wrap but I carry Kinsley everywhere so I'm not quite sure how this will work out hah
- How will I go about losing this baby weight? So many moms I see recently look SO good-JEALOUS

Ready to not be burning up anymore, ready to hold this baby and ready to move around better.

This skin care regimen has felt SO good these past couple weeks (Highly recommended)... I use the tummy butter when your stomach is shrinking back down too. I'll post my post-natal regimen once the baby is here, too.



Here's the bump at 40+ Weeks

IMG_2484_WEB IMG_2477_WEB