{My Life} Maclaren’s Nursery

{My Life} Maclaren’s Nursery

Oct 07 2013Comments Off on {My Life} Maclaren’s Nursery

I'm a little obsessed with nursery decorating these days... I love getting more things up on the wall behind the crib and organizing the book shelf. I still have some things to hang that are laying in the crib right now haha. I was going for a boho chic/ vintage vibe with it and I really love how it is turning out!

I can't believe how good the bumper turned out-- Aunt Donna used my old bumper and my new fabric and sewed together this new one in a ridiculously short time period. I gave it to her at Sunday lunch and it was hanging on my door Monday morning before I left for school. CRAZY! I'm so glad I did not try to sew that myself.

Another fave piece is the DIY gold M on the blush fabric with the rosettes. That just came out of my head and I already had all of the material.

Cardstock and sharpies were on my list for hobby lobby and I crafted together the name banner on the wall. The name banner on the shelf was a cheap project from Hobby Lobby too... just spray painted chip board (about $.99 per letter). I'm still thinking about putting a frame around the deer head. Gray said no, but I still want to.

I spray painted Kinsley's rocking chair gold and it is sitting beside the crib now for her to read books to her babies while I rock Maclaren when she comes. I bought Maclaren her own books, but Kinsley likes to borrow them. She talks more and more about all the things she wants to do to help with baby sister. She said she will even change the stinky diapers for me. She's such a little mommy and I can't wait to see her in her role as big sis!

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Bunny mobile- Hartstringz on Etsy, Frames- thrift finds, M- Hobby lobby, Deer Head- NearandDeer on Etsy, Curtain- Urban Outfitters, Pillow- Ikea, Rug- Rugusa.com, Dresser- antique shop in surfside, ribbon mobile-DIY, M on hoop- DIY, Changing pad cover- Polka Dot Peacock, Bumper fabric- FabricBubb on Etsy, Hamper- Target.com, Crib Sheet- Candy Kirby Designs, Dream Catcher- DIY, Maclaren signs- DIY, I love you canvas- Pinterest inspired DIY, Gold mirror- Hobby Lobby, Gold branches- DIY, pom pom flowers- DIY, books- Book Lady Thrift Store, Bunny Rattles- H&M


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