{My Life} Our House | Painted

{My Life} Our House | Painted

Mar 10 2015Comments Off on {My Life} Our House | Painted

This weekend we had 3 rooms in our house professionally painted for the first time. Well, it was our first encounter with setting up a painting company and actually being there when the job was being completed. Before we bought our new home, it had been professionally painted, but not in the color I would have chosen. I am thankful that it wasn't bare and it wasn't a color that I hated.. but it was time for a change.

If you are looking for a painter in the charlotte/ south charlotte area, I HIGHLY recommend Certapro (Dennis). If your interested in contact info, shoot me an email through the contact page. His painters were very professional, no bad language, no smoking, very respectful, and even if my husband had not been home, I would have felt totally comfortable being there with my girls. We will definitely use them again. They paint with Sherwin Williams paint, and our choices are in the details below.

I have been pinning things for our home before we even bought it and I am excited to see how they turn out. I've learned a few things along the way…

1. Don't buy things until you have a space for them.

2. Plan. Don't impulse buy or buy things just because you might miss the sale.

3. Budget and save. Create a budget or an amount to put aside for house design that can only be used for that.

4. Focus on BIG things first, then the little accessories, otherwise your house can be cluttered with adorable accessories but still not look put together.

5. Realize it is a process that should be enjoyed. If you can't buy everything at once.. find the joy in planning, pinning, and window shopping, and realize that it produces patience, gratitude, and a sense of pride from accomplishing things in small strides.

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There are still some things I'm going to add to the Master- Rug, Curtains, Bench or Settee, and some accents on the dresser… and some to the Office.

Details: Dark Paint color in Master and Accent wall in Office: Urbane Bronze | Additional 3 walls in office: Worldly Gray | Master Dresser: Custom Chalk Painted by Tammy Boone at Shuggy's Place and Annie Sloan Paint