{My Life} The Best Pumpkin Pie & Healthy too!

{My Life} The Best Pumpkin Pie & Healthy too!

Sep 21 2015Comments Off on {My Life} The Best Pumpkin Pie & Healthy too!

I was looking to make a pumpkin pie that didn't have sugar, but used maple syrup instead. I happened to find this recipe, from The Green Forks on Pinterest, for a vegan Pumpkin Pie that used maple syrup. I'm not vegan, I love eggs and such but I do like less processed food and more raw ingredients and "vegan" recipes tend to have more of that. The only recipes I really excel at are healthy-ish ones… ask me to make a cake, and that will be an epic fail. I'm definitely adding this recipe to one of my fall favorites!

I just put all of the ingredients in my ninja blender and poured it all into a thawed pie shell. It was super easy and tasted delish! My whole family enjoyed it and asked for more. (*I used regular skim milk, a regular pillsbury pie crust, and whip cream)

Here's the recipe: http://thegreenforks.com/vegan-pumpkin-pie/