{Styled} Valentines Engagement

It was Christmas eve at the Fox's and Jason had one last gift to give Amanda. While opening a tiny box in front of her family, I can only imagine the sound of their heart beats racing and palms getting sweaty in anticipation. When you are dreaming of this moment, you want to be sure it's what you thought. I can't imagine the girl that thinks that tiny box must have a stunning diamond ring and it turns out to be a necklace or earrings haha. But THIS box held the most gorgeous diamond ring and the question a girl in love dreams of hearing. And Amanda said YES.

This styled session took place in Matthews. I found some natural area to juxtapose the modern fashion of this couple. I was dreaming of tutus with button downs and floral crowns and they were the PERFECT couple to pull this all together. It was the perfect time to capture their engagement during this valentine's holiday. Feel free to pin away 😉

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congrats you two!

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The fashion DEETS:

Floral crown- DIY

Jason's outfits:

shirts- Express

sunglasses- Ray Bans

Amanda's outfits:

sunglasses- Prada

denim shirt- BCBG

Red Skinnies- Guess

tutu- Lebo's but here are some other options to pull of this look- Urban Outfitters, Etsy

fur vest- macy's

Black shoes- Forever 21

Necklace- Charlotte Russe

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20 Responses

  1. Jason DeFonce
  2. John-Nikki Fox
    Beautiful couple!!!!
  3. You are amazing! I'm in awe.
  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love them ALL!
  5. Mike Hemphill
    Great shots guys! I work with a model apparently
  6. These are beautiful!!
  7. Holly
    Beautiful couple! They have my vote all day long ❤️ - holly huffman
  8. Sean Jenn Henderson
    They were so good
  9. Katie baker
  10. Shenell Rollins Wrenn
    Beautiful Engagement pictures!! A perfect couple !
  11. Beautiful pics.. Y'all are such a cute couple. .
  12. Carol Newman
    Beautiful pictures!
  13. Shari DeFonce
    Great Valentine pics of the 2014 Barbie and Ken dolls.
  14. Amazing
  15. Hearts on Fire???? Congratulations to the both of you....Jason, you have made your Mama one proud woman. May you always be as happy as you are today.....we send our blessings and love.
  16. Kristen Rhodes
    Such cuties!!! So excited for y'all!
  17. Patricia Grear
    And hope Dr Jerry had a great Happy Birthday
  18. Champa Ashlee
  19. Taylor Jordyn
    Wow!!! Adorable
  20. Beautiful Couple Loved the Pictures!!