{You and Me} Candace & Chris get hitched!Part I

{You and Me} Candace & Chris get hitched!Part I

Jun 26 20134 Comments

Candace and Chris met through a mutual friend back in 2001. They had so many things in common but remained in the "just friends" stage for 7 years! So yes.. there is HOPE you can move from friends to more-than-friends to soul-mates 🙂 They are BEST friends and Chris popped the question in a romantic picnic proposal that you can read more about in their ENGAGEMENT SESSION post. We met at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden EARLY saturday morning and everyone began set-up. It was a GORGEOUS morning and the bride-to-be entered with excitement to start the day. They had an all-day event planned, but more than anything they were just ready to be wed.

This was a totally unconventional wedding- no formal bridal party, their beloved pups would be flower girl and ring bearer, no traditional dances or tosses, and they decided to move their reception to a local steakhouse. I absolutely love when brides and grooms just do what they want and what works best for them. Sometimes "tradition" can be so restrictive that sometimes it's just nice to throw it out the window and do things that are a little unexpected.. and FUN! Their reception will be coming soon... so stay tuned!

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