{You + Me} Meredith and Derek get Hitched!

{You + Me} Meredith and Derek get Hitched!

Jul 23 20133 Comments

The army decided that Derek was going to Afghanistan earlier than expected... so Meredith and Derek decided to tie the knot before he left. They had less than a month to prepare and plan and Meredith's mom contacted me about doing photos for this very short and sweet ceremony at their home in Rutherford County.

The invited a short guest list of family and really close friends and set up a gorgeous ceremony site at the Bride's home. The flowers were gorgeous and the scenery was to die! I felt like I was in the valley of a secluded mountain for a very intimate ceremony-- well, I pretty much was. Surrounding the home was a pile of dark clouds, we kept watching for weather news to see if we would need to make some other plans in case of rain. Luckily the clouds rolled away just in time for the ceremony to begin. It began to sprinkle during the bride and groom session, but they were SUCH troopers and could care less about the rain. That was awesome! I managed to shoot holding an umbrella as we moved around the property super quickly. The rain did break a bit to get some shots before their reception.

They ended the evening with a cake cutting and dinner catered into the home. They loaded me up with some southern gourmet food and I ventured into the monsoon to get back to Charlotte. It was the perfect non-traditional, simple wedding and I am SO happy I got to be a part of their special day! I've heard that rain on the wedding day is good luck and I wish them all the more!

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