{You + Me} April & Travis | Litchfield Beach

{You + Me} April & Travis | Litchfield Beach

Jul 25 20136 Comments

April and Travis were having their annual beach vaca up in Ocean Isle, just about an hour or so away from our's down in Surfside. They made the trip down to Surfside/Litchfield for some photos that captured "them". You would never guess, but they have been married for 14 years! They seemed to be just as in love as the day they met. I love that they were still giggling at each other and making each other laugh. Our plans didn't go QUITE as planned for the first location, but we just went with the wind and the places seemed to fade in comparison to this adorable couple!

IMG_6183_2_WEB IMG_6185_2_WEB IMG_6213_2_WEB IMG_6224_2_WEB IMG_6238_2_WEB IMG_6247_2_WEB IMG_6259_2_WEB IMG_6293_2_WEB IMG_6308_2_WEB IMG_6312_2_WEB IMG_6320_WEB IMG_6332_2_WEBIMG_6330_2_2_WEB IMG_6336_2_2_WEB IMG_6337_2_2_WEB IMG_6358_2_WEB IMG_6373_2_WEB IMG_6413_2_WEB IMG_6417_2_2_WEB IMG_6427_2_2_WEB IMG_6442_2_WEB IMG_6446_2_WEB IMG_6455_2_WEB IMG_6465_2_WEB IMG_6483_2_WEB

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Also, if you are interested in photos during your beach vaca, please message me or stay tuned to facebook/ the blog for future location dates!