{You + Me} Ashmen Wedding at The Farm at Brusharbor, NC | Part 1

{You + Me} Ashmen Wedding at The Farm at Brusharbor, NC | Part 1

May 06 2015Comments Off on {You + Me} Ashmen Wedding at The Farm at Brusharbor, NC | Part 1

I met Meghan when she was about 12 or 13 and I had just joined her mom's Bible study group at church. It was shortly after, that I really wanted to live out Titus 2 and started my own girls Bible study in my apartment for Meghan and a few other girls. One of which is standing beside her at this altar.

Meghan and Timothy met and fell in love almost instantly. This wedding is such a picture of what God's plan looks like. She wore her purity ring down the aisle as she pledged her whole self to this man that God chose for her. The words they spoke during their vows were genuine. My eyes filled up with tears a few times, just gazing upon such a beautiful picture. THIS was God's vision of a bride and groom.

They hosted their wedding at the Farm at Brusharbor, a rustic venue with some vintage charm. Wooden details were handcrafted by Meghan's dad. He went above and beyond! I remember when Meghan wanted to sell her crafts at our church's festival and he dad created the biggest and best store to host all of her accessories. This was no different. The time and energy he put into her day made it all that more special.

Complete with vintage doors, a naked cake, and a cocoa bar, this wedding had all the charm. Check out their beautiful day and stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

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