{You + Me} Stephanie + Matt | Get Hitched in Asheville, NC

{You + Me} Stephanie + Matt | Get Hitched in Asheville, NC

Oct 30 20147 Comments

Remember my couple from this awesome engagement sesh where they painted a sign "marry at the mountain?" Well, here is there mountain wedding.

I met up with Stephanie at the Salon in Asheville, to meet her before we drove up the mountain to see her groom for their "first look." Can I just brag on her a bit? I wish EVERY SINGLE BRIDE I had the pleasure to photograph, would be ALL ABOUT the photos! I always HIGHLY RECOMMEND that brides and grooms do a first look. It allows for some amazing photographs and really all the best ones to frame/ give as gifts/ treasure for ever. Venues sometimes have a strict timeline, which IS much appreciated, but it doesn't always allow much time for photos. Your big day is stressful enough, and sometimes getting photos in-between the ceremony and reception is rushed and frantic and everyone is SO OVER photos by then that my bride Stephanie, not only decided to plan a first look with an hour and a half timeline BUT she also scoped out the PERFECT spot with a GORGEOUS overlook and plenty of spots for some dreamy, romantic bride + groom shots. AH-MAZING. They are both runners and they used to go running up this mountain. She said this was where they fell in love.

She had the bridal party meet us up there a little bit later… and while everyone was stressing under their breath about getting back in time, Stephanie just wanted to give me all the time in the world! BUT we did have to get back to this picture-perfect venue for their breathtaking ceremony overlooking the mountains. It was FREEZING, but their love sure warmed it up and didn't make me think twice about my numb fingers ha! The reception was set up and ready just on the other side of the windows. (Great with all the natural light pouring through!). I loved this bride and groom, loved the venue, loved the wedding Coordinator, and all their details. Throughout this post, there is parts of their written wedding vows, and details that attribute to her grandma that past away. While they were sad that she couldn't be there, she was definitely present in this day. Let me introduce, Mr. and Mrs. DOBLER:
IMG_4904lg_WEB IMG_4928lg_WEB

One of life’s richest experiences occurs in that mystical moment when two life paths cross and then merge to become a relationship so rich and nurturing the lovers are inspired to journey together as husband and wife…..IMG_4906lg_WEB IMG_4919lg_WEB IMG_4921_WEB IMG_4902lg_WEB IMG_4931lg_WEB IMG_4925_WEB IMG_4936lg_WEB

A harmonious relationship has a pattern much like the dance, and is built on some of the same principles. The partners do not need to hold onto each other tightly because they move confidently and freely to the melody of love playing in their hearts. To touch heavily would be to arrest the pattern and freeze the movement, spoiling the endlessly changing beauty of its spontaneously unfolding perfection. There is no place in the dance of love for possessive clutching, the clinging arm, the heavy hand. Only the faintest touch in passing is needed to keep the lovers in their pattern of liberated Oneness. IMG_4934lg_WEB IMG_4935_WEB IMG_4943lg_WEB IMG_4944lg_WEB IMG_4939lg_WEB IMG_4961lg_WEB IMG_4968lg_WEB IMG_4953lg_WEB

Throughout the memory of the human family, establishing a relationship as husband and wife has been regarded as an act of the highest and holiest nature. It is a sacred event in the lives of two people . . . . a celebration of the special kind of love they share.143A2503lg_WEB 143A2226lg_WEB IMG_4978lg_WEB 143A2225lg_WEB 143A2231lg_WEB 143A2235lg_WEB 143A2239lg_WEB 143A2245lg_WEB 143A2248lg_WEB 143A2240lg_WEB 143A2254lg_WEB 143A2246lg_WEB 143A2280lg_WEB 143A2268lg_WEB 143A2272lg_WEB 143A2294lg_WEB

First arm in arm....next face to face....then back to back....it does not matter which because they both know and feel themselves moving to the same rhythm, creating a spacious freedom for their souls to grow in, weaving an elegant tapestry of love and being infinitely nourished by the process. 143A2303lg_WEB 143A2304lg_WEB 143A2312lg_WEB 143A2308lg_WEB 143A2328lg_WEB 143A2318lg_WEB 143A2313lg_WEB 143A2336lg_WEB 143A2342lg_WEB

I see you together this moment, not because you "need" each other, but because you have freely chosen to be with each other. 143A2351_WEB 143A2348lg_WEB143A2357lg_WEB
143A2372lg_WEB 143A2368lg_WEB 143A2365lg_WEB 143A2395lg_WEB 143A2401lg_WEB 143A2409lg_WEB 143A2414lg_WEB 143A2417lg_WEB 143A2427lg_WEB 143A2429lg_WEB 143A2428lg_WEB 143A2436lg_WEB 143A2455lg_WEB 143A2469lg_WEB 143A2474lg_WEB 143A2477lg_WEB 143A2484lg_WEB 143A2481lg_WEB 143A2490lg_WEB 143A2495lg_WEB143A2541lg_WEB 143A2548lg_WEB 143A2550lg_WEB 143A2561lg_WEB 143A2563lg_WEB 143A2568lg_WEB 143A2532lg_WEB IMG_5053lg_WEB IMG_5042lg_WEB 143A2534lg_WEB 143A2607lg_WEB 143A2652lg_WEB 143A2577lg_WEB IMG_5036lg_WEB IMG_4987lg_WEB IMG_5013lg_WEB IMG_5011lg_WEB 143A2680lg_WEB 143A2580lg_WEB 143A2683lg_WEB 143A2606lg_WEB 143A2657lg_WEB 143A2674lg_WEB 143A2599lg_WEB 143A2586lg_WEB IMG_5027lg_WEB IMG_4994lg_WEB 143A2618lg_WEB IMG_4997lg_WEB 143A2688lg_WEB IMG_5089lg_WEB 143A2727lg_WEB 143A2694lg_WEB 143A2732lg_WEB IMG_5074lg_WEB IMG_5064lg_WEB IMG_5071lg_WEB IMG_5085lg_WEB IMG_5086lg_WEB IMG_5090lg_WEB 143A2746lg_WEB 143A2767lg_WEB 143A2788lg_WEB 143A2790lg_WEB 143A2799lg_WEB 143A2809lg_WEB 143A2784lg_WEB 143A2812lg_WEB 143A2816lg_WEB 143A2824lg_WEB 143A2831lg_WEB

Let us share a moment of prayer now as we acknowledge the eternal presence of the Holy Spirit of God working in and through every moment of our lives. Let us remember always, to acknowledge with perfect fidelity the eternal Presence of the Loving Force that gives life to all creation....including this couple and the love they share with each other.143A2839lg_WEB 143A2849lg_WEB 143A2860lg_WEB 143A2861lg_WEB

Let these rings be a sign and token to the world of the special world you now move on to share with each other....a joyous world....a happy, healthy world....a gentle, quiet world that belongs to you and you alone. 143A2867lg_WEB 143A2876lg_WEB 143A2885lg_WEB 143A2890lg_WEBIMG_5163_WEB IMG_5179_WEB IMG_5154lg_WEB IMG_5206lg_WEB 143A2724lg_WEB 143A2725lg_WEB IMG_5070lg_WEB 143A2695lg_WEB 143A2701lg_WEB 143A2705lg_WEB

143A3001lg_WEB IMG_5212lg_WEB 143A3031lg_WEB 143A3046lg_WEB 143A3077lg_WEB IMG_5223lg_WEB 143A3093lg_WEB 143A2975lg_WEB 143A3114lg_WEB 143A3164lg_WEB 143A3169lg_WEB 143A3172lg_WEB 143A3178lg_WEB 143A3191lg_WEB 143A3209lg_WEB 143A3226lg_WEB 143A3333lg_WEB 143A3417lg_WEB 143A3591lg_WEB 143A3615lg_WEB 143A3604lg_WEB IMG_5100lg_WEB 143A3684lg_WEB 143A3694lg_WEB 143A3692lg_WEB

MUAH- L'eau du Vie Aveda Salon (Lyndsay for Bride)| Bride's Dress- Maggie Sottero from NY Bride & Groom, Charlotte, NC | Bride's Jewelry- Heirlooms | Shoes- Michael Kors| Bridesmaid's Dress - Anthropologie | Fur Shawls- Nordstrom | Venue - Crest Center, Asheville, NC | DJ- Extreme Sound | Harp- Karin Lyle Violin- Lauren Bulla | Cake by Debi at Just Simply Delicious | Groom and Groomsmen Suits- Mens Warehouse | Champagne Glasses- Etsy | Dobler sign- DIY | Wedding Officiant: Lois Henrickson (Lytingale) www.ashevilleminister.com


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