{You + Me} Stephanie & Matt | Soon to Wed

{You + Me} Stephanie & Matt | Soon to Wed

Oct 22 201316 Comments

Stephanie and Matt met back in 2005 at their first Cross Country practice. They finally got engaged when Matt popped the questions over lobster and steak, rose petals, and her late mimi's champagne glasses at their house on an average Wednesday night. They are tying the knot in Asheville next year! I loved the vintage pieces they found from Sleepy Poet and the "Marry on the Mountain" saying Stephanie came up with! They were SO sweet and so were their pups!

"Sit with me in the sun and let me warm my toes
Oh no one knows how much I love you dear.
Sit with me in the dark and tell me stories
Of days of old, and days not yet here..."

IMG_1277lgsm_WEB IMG_1279lgsm_WEB IMG_1281lgsm_WEB IMG_1294lgsm_WEB IMG_1306lgsm_WEB IMG_1305lgsm_WEB

"...Do you know how long it takes for a snowflake
To fall to the ground?
Do you know how lucky we are to come across
This love that we’ve found? ..."IMG_1363lglgsm_WEB IMG_1353lglgsm_WEB IMG_1343lgsm_WEB IMG_1377lgsm_WEB IMG_1405lgsm_WEB IMG_1387lglgsm_WEB IMG_1391lglgsm_WEB IMG_1417lgsm_WEB IMG_1421lgsm_WEB IMG_1437lgsm_WEB IMG_1440lgsm_WEB IMG_1444lgsm_WEB IMG_1468lgsm_WEB IMG_1476lgsm_WEB IMG_1483lgsm_WEB IMG_1489lgsm_WEB IMG_1500lgsm_WEB IMG_1497lgsm_WEB IMG_1504lgsm_WEB IMG_1510lglgsm_WEB IMG_1545lglgsm_WEB

IMG_1565lglgsm_WEB IMG_1549lglgsm_WEB

"...Run with me through fields of green and yellow
And remember how it feels to be free.
Crystal clear oh I’ve been here before.
Oh let me stay, oh let me stay ."IMG_1520lgsm_WEB IMG_1530lgsm_WEB IMG_1540lgsm_WEB IMG_1573lgsm_WEB

Can't wait to photography your wedding next year!


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