{Crown of Beauty} Danielle & Layton

{Crown of Beauty} Danielle & Layton

Dec 26 201525 Comments

“If we are consistent, loving, and authentic, we will gain their trust and earn the right to whisper direction in their ears along the way.” Stephen James, Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

Moms of little boys have such a great job ahead. They will be the ones to teach their sons how to love, how to be relational, how to be emotional, and raise a man that will one day lead a family. That is a BIG job. This mama has the ability to shape this little one's heart and mind in a way like no one else. She is the first love of his life. This session is such a beautiful way to capture her loving on her baby boy. She radiates beauty. I love the way she loves her son. I hope their bond is always strong and intimate, patient and loving, and full of sweetness.
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Dress: Altar'd State | MUAH: Jennifer Abercrombie

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