{Come As You Are} The Parks | Huntersville, NC

{Come As You Are} The Parks | Huntersville, NC

Jul 11 20161 Comment

Waking up with the Parks family as they invited me into their home to capture their Saturday morning. Daddy is home from a week of hard work and mama is blessed by no longer being out-numbered. Little hands grab the mixing bowls and a chair to help mama make breakfast. We can slow down, sip coffee, and enjoy each other's company among the chaos of having littles. It's not easy getting everyone up and ready for the day, but it is so important to focus on the little things that will one day become big things. I love thinking back to some of my favorite memories growing up... and most of them are not the things my parents bought me and not even the things that we did... it was my parents spending time with me. The love they showed each other and the love they showed me-- that is HOME.

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