{Us} The Bakers | Chestnut Square Park | Indian Trail, NC

{Us} The Bakers | Chestnut Square Park | Indian Trail, NC

Jun 01 2015Comments Off on {Us} The Bakers | Chestnut Square Park | Indian Trail, NC

The session features one of my dear friends and her precious fam. Brody is almost 4 and Katie and Kevin just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. With a handmade floral crown, a tee pee and gorgeous lighting, this family session is one you'll definitely want to re-create. I love the snuggles between the mama and son, the romance and giggles between the two that started this fam, and the free spirit dancing that washes away our frustrations in life. Thanks Baker fam for letting me celebrate you guys through photos!

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Tee Pee- Land of Nod | Dress- Abercrombie & Fitch |  Makeup- Laura Mercier at SouthPark Mall | Shorts- Old Navy